Allergic persons can breathe again

High concentrations of fine dust in the air have been shown to be a health hazard, as they trigger allergic reactions. Allergy sufferers, and health-conscious consumers generally, are therefore strongly urged to protect themselves more effectively against toxic fine dust in the house. 
Carpets reduce fine dust by half

As long ago as 2005, the Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund [German Allergy and Asthma Society] commissioned the environmental institute GUI to investigate fine dust pollution in indoor surroundings. The published results of the highly regarded GUI study, based on the analysis of more than 100 households, showed that where there was a smooth flooring the concentration of fine dust in the air was 62.9 µg to the cubic metre. This is actually higher than the statutory permissible maximum for fine dust in the air outside, which has been set at 50 µg per cubic metre on a maximum of 35 days in the year. In carpeted rooms, on the other hand, the concentration of fine dust was found to be 30.4 µg per cubic metre, or less than half! This is a particularly significant fact, seeing that people on average spend more than 90 percent of their life in closed rooms.