RE/COVER green Parts

RE/COVER green – the new organic flooring – was the first time that Vorwerk presented a new generation of elastic floorings for the business-site sector as merchandise from the roll. The new plank collection PARTS is consistently setting forth the ecological and design-oriented approach displayed of RE/COVER green.


RE/COVER green is made of high-grade ecological elastomers. The pioneering innovation thereby: Petrochemical polyols are replaced by organic polyols extracted from castor and rapeseed oil. The questionable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) utilized in conventional design flooring is omitted. This organic elastomer does not signify any loss of quality whatsoever.

PARTS is available in three different sizes and allows various plank formats to be combined. The textures interpret materials form nature and the environment in different degrees of abstraction. A structured surface overlays the respective decors and lends the product a homey character due to its naturalness and depth.

The PARTS planks are glued to the subflooring. Outstanding, durable resilience and longevity make PARTS an ideal product for the widest variety of areas of use in the business-site sector, for instance hotels, shops, trade-fair booths and restaurants. Although, in the upmarket home-living sector PARTS equally transform the floor into an impressively natural wood, too.