Project Reference Haus der Musik Vienna - Exhibition by Bretterbauer

Haus der Musik Vienna – Exhibition by Bretterbauer

For the Vienna „Haus der Musik“ the Austrian artist Gilbert Bretterbauer designed, constructed and produced a “Klang:Teppich” in cooperation with Vorwerk.
Bretterbauer let many details flow into his carpet design that refers highly to the Vienna composer Gustav Mahler. The artist tried to "transform" Mahler’s music compositions into a “textile work of art”.
Gilbert Bretterbauer named his finished “Klang:Teppich” as an “ornamental picture, a work of arts on the floor”.
The “Haus der Musik” at Vienna is a modern, interactive museum of tones that makes it possible to take a widely look into the subject of music.
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Project information at a glance:

Project:  “Haus der Musik”, Vienna (A)
Product: “Klang:Teppich”