Project Reference Haus der Musik Vienna 2008 - Exhibition by Nietsch

Haus der Musik Vienna 2008 – Exhibition by Nietsch

The „Haus der Musik” is a museum of tones that is unique in Europe. In 2008 it got a new art treasure: Hermann Nietsch, one of the most famous contemporary artists, designed a continuous “Klang.Teppich” for the third exhibition platform, which shows primarily the works of the great Austrian composers.
This carpet was actualised by Backhausen in cooperation with Vorwerk. The rhythmic, tone associative design extends over an area of 700 sqm.
You will find detailed information in the following project-info.

Project information at a glance:

Project:  “Haus der Musik”, Vienna (A)
Product: 700 sqm “Klang.Teppich”