Project Reference Loft Cube


During “DESIGNMAI BERLIN 2003”, Berlin’s first design festival, the internationally famous Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger presented his at that time recent project “Loftcube”.
He showed two housing units, each with a size of about 36 sqm, with a functional concept, a special architecture and an exclusive interior. They can be used as a mobile home and as a mobile office as well.
At the “Loftcube” which was created with light colours and round forms, harmony and value of the materials were very important. That is why an at that time newly developed carpeting by Vorwerk was the highlight of the interior design.
The tufted loop-pile carpet with a beige colour and grained optics had a special brilliance but was hard-wearing and dirt-concealing as well because of a hollow fibre construction of the used thread.
At the Loftcube “Home office” Aisslinger marked the different areas with variable carpet structures. At the relax zone there was for example the new beige-coloured Vorwerk carpet that created a great snugness whereas at the working area the quality “Nandou” (“Projection” collection) with a light beige-grey colour was dominating.
You will find detailed information in the following project-info.

Project information at a glance:

Project:    “Loftcube”
Designer:  Werner Aisslinger
Quality:     new developed, tufted loop-pile carpet with glamour effect,
                 “Nandou” 2-frame beige-grey coloured (Vorwerk “Projection”)