Project Reference Mediale Lebensträume Erfurt 2011

Mediale Lebensträume 

From June to July 2011 “Thüringer Landesmedienanstalt” (TLM) hosted a multimedia-based event with the subject “digitality” at the house “Dracheröden” at Erfurt.
Themed “Medial Lifetime Dreams – is a digital home imminent to us?” the possibilities, questions and challenges the digital media mean to us were picked out as a central issue.
The curator of the exhibition was Prof. Dr. Herbert Lachmayer. He chose a 600-800 sqm-sized carpet that was designed to the Vorwerk “Art Collection” by Mimmo Paladino, an Italian painter and sculptor.
Paladino is an artist of the “Transavantguardia”, the Italian “Young Wild”, whose works always show the dialogue between rationality and myth.
You will find detailed information in the following project-info.
Project information at a glance:

Project: “Mediale Lebens(t)räume”, Erfurt (D)
Quality: 600-800 sqm carpeting by Mimmo Paladino of the Vorwerk “Art Collection”