Project Reference Stadtschloß Weimar

Stadtschloß Weimar

From August to November 2008 an exhibition of a specific type showed which part illustration and individualism take in a dialogue of arts and politics.
This took place themed “What for Carl August needs a Goethe?” in the course of the "Kunstfest Weimar" at the "Stadtschloß Weimar", which is a World Heritage Site.
The Vienna curator Herbert Lachmayer created a great suspense at the exhibition and with his illustration he put a starkly contrast to the pompous, neo-classical style of the palace.
More than 1,200 sqm of carpeting designed by the Pop Art artist Roy Lichtenstein (Vorwerk “Dialog Art Collection”) graced the floors of the palace. The hues were remindful of the colours of the age of Goethe and took also place on the exhibition furniture.
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Project information at a glance:

Project:     Stadtschloß Weimar (D)
Architect:  Renate Martin & Andreas Donhauser, Vienna (A)
Quality:     > 1.200 m² carpeting by Roy Lichtenstein of the
                 “Dialog Art Collection”