“Experience Fascination. Made by Vorwerk”: Vorwerk celebrates timeless classics and innovative products that look towards the future with the unveiling of the fully updated bestseller collection entitled Fascination. The Vorwerk Studio has drawn up a sensual design concept together with Giulio Ridolfo, an Italian expert on colours. The collection shall be presented in January 2016 for the first time in Hall 6 at the DOMOTEX trade fair in Hanover, Germany.
The “TEXtiles SL” collection of carpet tiles from Vorwerk flooring has been awarded a Special Mention in the German Design Award 2016 competition in the category “Building and Elements”. This collection of freely shaped forms and rectangular tiles was presented for the first time in 2015. It enables planners and architects to create new, ingenious floor architecture while realising their visions in designing spaces – dynamically, out-of-the-ordinary, and able to meet demanding standards.
Vorwerk in a pioneering capacity for sustainability and environmental protection: The manufacturer of high-quality carpets, carpet tiles and elastic ecological floorings based in Hamelin, Germany recently received the “Sustainable Manufacturer” award in Silver from Verbraucher-Initiative e.V., a German consumer initiative. This federation regularly audits companies in terms of ecologically and socially accountable business management.
The success story of the luxurious carpet entitled Modena can be summed up with: constant reinvention through colour concepts that have always convincingly matched the times. This interior design element promptly made its mark when launched back in 1975. Since then the multifaceted colour spectrums for Modena have been setting the tone in upscale residential decor with a reflective eye towards current tastes. Design freely, whimsically and in imaginative combinations with Modena – that’s the essence of an eternally young bestseller and its glorious colours.
Vorwerk flooring is supporting an exhibition of Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist’s work with “Lyrica”, one of its top-of-the-line carpets. The exhibition at the kestnergesellschaft in Hanover, Germany entitled “du wirst sorglos sein” (‘you shall be carefree’) runs from 19 June to 27 September 2015. The tufted velour carpet in a deep dark blue is part of the video installation “Worry Will Vanish Horizon” and forms the foundation for the striking scenario.
Presented in January at a number of international trade fairs, the carpet-tile collection TEXtiles SL from Vorwerk flooring was received positively by the market. Vorwerk flooring has been able to establish the product line in more than 35 countries within the shortest of time spans accompanied by a successful launch among German retailers.
For years the team at the Vorwerk Atelier, the firm’s in-house studio, has employed marked expertise and a finely honed feel for style and composition to develop pathbreaking trends in colours and designs.
The products in the TEXtiles SL carpet-tile collection from Vorwerk flooring set themselves apart through numerous advantages to the benefit of environmentally aware interior design. They provide for a healthy climate indoors thanks to their innovative textile backing, developed by Vorwerk. As the products contain absolutely no environmentally pollutant bitumen or PVCs, they release no harmful emissions to the air in a room. And when it comes to building ecology, according to a study by GUI, the German Society for the Environment and Interior Analysis, the product line also significantly reduces the amount of fine dust particles indoors. Due to these kinds of outstanding attributes the carpet tiles are equally recommended for people with allergies.
TEXtiles SL, the new modular carpet-tile collection from Vorwerk flooring, opens up new horizons in creative floor design for architects, spatial planners and interior designers. The unique shapes, colours and articles that comprise this innovative product line support them in realising their formative concepts down to the last detail. In co-operation with renowned designers Werner Aisslinger and Hadi Teherani, tiles originated that display highly expressive and multiply combinable geometries. The free-form shapes by Aisslinger and Teherani along with rectangular formats from Vorwerk are available in completely new worlds of colour and different textures to achieve surprising effects in viewing perspectives. The floor becomes a distinctive spatial element and part of the architectural whole, a synthesis of the arts.
Vorwerk flooring is opening up new horizons for creative floor design with TEXtiles SL, the new modular collection of carpet tiles. Unique shapes, colours and one-of-a-kind articles in this innovative product line support architects, spatial planners and interior designers in making their design concepts a reality, right down to the last detail. Working together with renowned designers Werner Aisslinger and Hadi Teherani, tiles arose in highly expressive and diversely combinable geometries. The free-form shapes by Aisslinger and Teherani along with a line of rectangular formats are available in completely new worlds of colour and a variety of textures to achieve surprising point-of-view effects. The result: The floor is turned into a distinctive spatial element, an integral part of an architectural synthesis of the arts.
A wide variety of design options and lots of leeway for creative floor design: The new TEXtiles SL collection of carpet tiles from Vorwerk flooring uses unique geometries, colours and one-of-a-kind products to enable planners and interior designers to express themselves creatively in floor architecture.
Fresh colours, new structures, highest quality: Launched to kick off 2015, the current generation of the “Projection” carpet collection from Vorwerk flooring for the business-site sector is more diversified than ever and offers unlimited design options. The collection portfolios Projection #CUT and Projection #LOOP unite proven tufted and woven classics with trendsetting product innovations. Vorwerk flooring is once again setting new standards for discerning, emotional floor architecture.
An ingenious new carpet collection from Vorwerk flooring is bringing a ‘homey’ touch to the business-site contract sector. The product family “Elementary Shapes” by designer Werner Aisslinger in new colours , shapes and materials combines free-form carpet tiles to form innovative rug islands and runners that set deliberate accents.
In January 2015 Vorwerk flooring is presenting TEXtiles, its new carpet-tile collection. An ideal project partner has been found for this product line: the renowned designer Werner Aisslinger. TEXtiles is comprised of intriguing geometries, colours and products. Besides the free-form tiles by Werner Aisslinger, the programme equally includes two models by architect/designer Hadi Teherani and rectangular tile formats (PARTS) in four sizes.
To start off 2015 Vorwerk flooring is going all out with representation at multiple trade fairs: At DOMOTEX in Hanover and BAU in Munich the manufacturer of high-quality flooring is presenting not one but three new collections. The trade-fair booths were designed by an interior architect based in Hamburg, Jutta Werner / nomad. Vorwerk is also going to be actively present at Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main and during imm cologne at MAKK, Cologne’s Museum of Applied Art.
In conjunction with the international furniture trade fair imm cologne 2015 Vorwerk flooring is presenting its new “Elementary Shapes” collection during the exhibition entitled “System Design” at the Museum of Applied Art (MAKK) in Cologne. A didactic colour concept playfully employs the new area rug islands “Mito” and “Leaf” that Vorwerk developed together with designer Werner Aisslinger to guide visitors around the museum while providing orientation to the three exhibition routes offered. In the museum’s Design Lounge, textile “ELEMENTS” combined from basic geometric shapes add chromatic accents to the atmosphere.