Contemporary accessories with a widely varied feel for current trends:
Selected Rugs, the new, sensuous collection of bordered carpets from Vorwerk, arouses the desire to decorate using textiles. An extensive collection of area rugs combined with attractive borders and eye-catching decorative seams is available to choose from, all displaying the highest quality from Vorwerk. Four worlds of styles, each bearing a different look, stand for characteristic living environments while quickening the fantasy through a creative interplay of materials, colours and structures. Selected Rugs by Vorwerk – modern products for today’s interiors, with a personality that sets vibrant accents in a room. The new collection shall be presented for the first time at the DOMOTEX 2016 trade fair in Hanover.
130 years of innovation, quality and design. Vorwerk is celebrating these key values together with timeless classics and new products that look towards the future with the new presentation of the completely updated Fascination, a best-selling collection. For 25 years now the company has employed innovative power, captivating design competence and unparalleled know-how to set standards in the residential sector with Fascination. The collection is a key component of the Vorwerk flooring portfolio and, accordingly, an outstanding ambassador for the firm’s thorough grasp of both the market and trends. Visitors can sensually experience what’s so ‘fascinating’ about the Vorwerk brand at its Domotex 2016 trade-fair booth in Hanover, Germany.
How do we want to live at home tomorrow? Vorwerk, specialist and trendsetter in the field of textile flooring, offers an unparalleled abundance of ideas with the new Fascination collection. Intensive involvement with the market and with where trends are heading have markedly influenced the redesigning of a collection that arouses a desire for carpeting in all its sensuousness. Supported by Giulio Ridolfo, an Italian expert on colours, Vorwerk and its design studio have given time and thought to current and coming global trends in architecture and lifestyles. Together they have created a collection that provides people with an orientation, assurance and a great deal of inspiration for an individually designed home. A prime example of an ongoing success story since 1883, a history marked by fascination, innovation, quality and design.
Landscapes, natural lighting scenarios, global trends for the home, influences from current art and architecture. While drawing up the new concept for the Fascination carpet collection, Giulio Ridolfo, an Italian expert on colour, and the experienced designers at the Vorwerk Studio have let themselves be inspired by today’s living environment – not least by how people truly style their homes, often with a lively blend of the old and the new, the precious and the personal. Current trends in architecture that make prevalent use of stone and wood or glass and metal form the resonance space for the carpet; as Vorwerk flooring views it, a lifestyle product. This innovative approach has brought about a collection that keeps pace with the times and arouses a new desire for wall-to-wall carpeting as a ‘feel-good’ experience. The outcome: a harmonious symbiosis formed by each of the 17 products. Every one of them has a dynamic impact on a room: some carpets discreetly communicate warmth, intimacy and atmosphere, others imbue the space with self-assurance and expressiveness.
The DNA at Vorwerk is green. Based in Hamelin, Germany, the carpet manufacturer recognised the major significance of producing sustainably early on, and has always pioneered in ecology and health in correlation with carpets in the home. This responsible stance threads its way through all the manufacturing stages and products in the new Fascination collection. Vorwerk flooring banks on the greatest transparency, a fact confirmed not least by numerous awards and seals of approval – including the “Life Balance” label, which refers to the health-related advantages associated with carpeting. The company’s consistent holistic approach has been deeply rooted in the corporate values at Vorwerk for 130 years and remains a distinguishing feature. From the use of recycled and recyclable materials to energy-saving production methods and on to strict compliance with health regulations, the resource-conserving orientation at Vorwerk flooring is unique in the industry.
19. Januar 2016
Originally trained as a fashion designer, today Giulio Ridolfo advises enterprises in the fashion and interior decoration industry as an expert for textiles and colours. In the course of the first co-operative venture between this creative talent from Italy and Vorwerk flooring, the Fascination collection for the home has been dressed in new, variegated attire. A flagship line for this carpet manufacturer and visionary firm with a wealth of tradition, it displays a multifaceted spectrum that breaks with the conventions posed by classic, mundane ‘carpet colours’ and lends the products an up-to-date, natural character.
Seasoned designers at the Vorwerk Studio regularly join forces with colleagues from flooring construction to develop new structures, colours and patterns for the carpet collections produced by the expert for floor coverings based in Hamelin, Germany. For the extensive updates presented in the Fascination collection for the home, the team perfected its work together with Giulio Ridolfo, an Italian expert for textiles and colours.